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Api Gateway V2

The adapter to handle requests from AWS Api Gateway V2 and from AWS Lambda Function URLs.


When an error is thrown during forwarding and the responseWithErrors option is true, we return a 500 status WITH error stack in the response.

Reducing Costs

Not sure when to use AWS ALB instead of API Gateway? See this article from Serverless Training to learn more.

About the adapter

This adapter transforms every request coming from API Gateway V2 into an HTTP request to your framework.

"version": "2.0",
"routeKey": "$default",
"rawPath": "/my/path",
"rawQueryString": "parameter1=value1&parameter1=value2&parameter2=value",
"cookies": [
"headers": {
"header1": "value1",
"header2": "value1,value2"
"queryStringParameters": {
"parameter1": "value1,value2",
"parameter2": "value"
"requestContext": {
"accountId": "123456789012",
"apiId": "api-id",
"authentication": {
"clientCert": {
"clientCertPem": "CERT_CONTENT",
"subjectDN": "",
"issuerDN": "Example issuer",
"serialNumber": "a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1:a1",
"validity": {
"notBefore": "May 28 12:30:02 2019 GMT",
"notAfter": "Aug 5 09:36:04 2021 GMT"
"authorizer": {
"jwt": {
"claims": {
"claim1": "value1",
"claim2": "value2"
"scopes": [
"domainName": "",
"domainPrefix": "id",
"http": {
"method": "POST",
"path": "/my/path",
"protocol": "HTTP/1.1",
"sourceIp": "IP",
"userAgent": "agent"
"requestId": "id",
"routeKey": "$default",
"stage": "$default",
"time": "12/Mar/2020:19:03:58 +0000",
"timeEpoch": 1583348638390
"body": "Hello from Lambda",
"pathParameters": {
"parameter1": "value1"
"isBase64Encoded": false,
"stageVariables": {
"stageVariable1": "value1",
"stageVariable2": "value2"

So, to add support to the above request, we must have registered the /my/path route as POST and when API Gateway sends this event, you will get:

  • body: Hello from Lambda
  • queryString: parameter1=value1&parameter1=value2&parameter2=value


You can strip base path with the option stripBasePath inside ApiGatewayV2Options.


When you configure your API with some basePath like /prod, you should either send the request in the path /prod/my/path or set stripBasePath to /prod.


To add support to AWS API Gateway V2 you do the following:

import { ServerlessAdapter } from '@h4ad/serverless-adapter';
import { ApiGatewayV2Adapter } from '@h4ad/serverless-adapter/lib/adapters/aws';
import { DefaultHandler } from '@h4ad/serverless-adapter/lib/handlers/default';
import app from './app';

export const handler =
.setHandler(new DefaultHandler())
// .setFramework(new ExpressFramework())
// .setResolver(new PromiseResolver())
.addAdapter(new ApiGatewayV2Adapter())
// customizing:
// .addAdapter(new ApiGatewayV2Adapter({ stripBasePath: '/prod' }))

As per know issues, we throw an exception when you send the transfer-encoding=chunked, currently, API Gateway doesn't support chunked transfer. If you use Function URL, you can send the transfer-encoding=chunked when you configure the invocation method as RESPONSE_STREAM.