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This library was a refactored version of @vendia/serverless-express, I create a new way to interact and extend event sources by creating contracts to abstract the integrations between each library layer.

Why you would use this libray instead of @vendia/serverless-express?

  • Better APIs to extend library functionality.
    • You don't need me to release a new version to integrate with the new event source, you can create an adapter and just call the addAdapter method when building your handler.
  • All code can be extended, if you want to modify the current behavior you can.
    • This is important because if you find a bug, you can quickly resolve it by extending the class, and then you can submit a PR to fix the bug.
  • All code was written in Typescript.
  • Well documented, any method, class, or interface has comments to explain the behavior.
  • We have >99% coverage.


By design we have these contracts that define the layers of the library: Frameworks, Adapters, Resolvers and Handlers.


If you don't know what each thing means, see Architecture.

Currently, we support these clouds (handlers):

Additionally, we support these frameworks:

Additionally, we have some helper frameworks that you can combine with the above frameworks to give more power to your application:

  • Async Initialization by using (LazyFramework)
    • Use this framework to provide a way to create the instance of your app asynchronously.
    • With him, you can create an instance of Express or Fastify asynchronously, see the docs.
  • CORS support without rely on original framework with (CorsFramework)
    • Use this framework to provide a way to handle CORS in frameworks like trpc, deepkit and others.
    • Or use to get faster responses when method is OPTIONS.
  • Content Type parsing support without rely on original framework with (BodyParserFramework)
    • Use this framework to provide a way to handle content type parsing in frameworks like trpc, deepkit and others.

We support these event sources:

We support these resolvers:

Why you create this library?

The real reason I created this library was because I wanted to add API Gateway and SQS support at the same time to save some money. But, @vendia/serverless-express was not supported, so I created a PR but until I finished this library that PR was never accepted and it was merged but it took so long.

So I build my own library based on that library with better APIs so I never have to wait for the maintainer to accept my PR just to extend the library's functionality :)

Breaking Changes

I will not consider updating/breaking compatibility of a NodeJS framework as a breaking change, because I had a lot of supported frameworks and if I created a major version for each one it would be a mess.

So if you want predictability, pin the version with ~ instead of ^.


Honestly, I just refactored all the code that the @vendia team and many other contributors wrote, thanks so much to them for existing and giving us a brilliant library that is the core of my current company.